Bee Removal Services Carmel Mountain

Carmel Mountain Beekeeper

Bee Removal Services Carmel Mountain

Bees are a common nuisance found in Carmel Mountain homes. Bees are prevalent in the state and often create their hives within the walls of residential dwellings. When you have located a bee infestation in your home, let our bee removal experts provide the services you need to have a bee-free residence. Our technicians use only natural methods for removal, providing repair and proofing service to ensure your home is no longer affected by bees. 

What We Can Provide Your Carmel Mountain Home: 

  • Bee and hive removal
  • Repairs after removal 
  • Bee proofing to avoid future infestations
  • Relocation of bees to our San Diego County bee farm

Bee Removal Services

Once you contact our office regarding a bee issue, we work quickly to ensure the bees are removed from your home. Our technicians will locate the hive and get to work removing the bees and full hive from the residence. The entire hive must be removed so you no longer have an issue with bees. Our natural methods of removal ensure the bees can be taken to our bee farm where they can continue to pollinate local farms and assist with food production in California and for the entire US.

Bee Repairs

Along with removal service, we also specialize in repair work. When we remove a hive from a Carmel Mountain home, repairs are usually needed. A beehive can create structural damage in the home and the way we have to work to remove the hive may require repairs as well. Bees like to create hives within walls, so an interior or exterior wall may have to be removed to ensure the entire hive is taken out. 

Bee Proofing

When you have experienced bees in the home, you will want to take every precaution to see the issue never happen again. This is done with our bee proofing service. With bee proofing, we ensure that entry points are sealed off and that the smell of the former hive is masked. This helps to prevent bees from finding the location of the former hive and creating a new one inside your home. 

Our Farm

At Your San Diego Beekeeper, we have a bee farm in San Diego County where we take the bees after they have been removed from your Carmel Mountain home. Our farm allows the bees to thrive and continue to focus on pollination. In California, there are many farms that produce crops for the state as well as for the nation. California farms actually provide a large portion of the nation’s food supply. Without the help of bees, food production would decrease. By using our farm as a place for bees to thrive, we help the pollination process continue which helps the production of crops to stay at the much-needed levels.

Let our team help you with any bee removal needs. With our natural methods, bees can be removed from your Carmel Mountain property and allowed to continue pollinating as needed and assisting our food supply in a positive manner.