Bee Removal, Repair and Proofing Services in Poway

Poway Beekeeper

Bee Removal, Repair and Proofing Services in Poway

If you hear a constant buzzing sound in your Poway home, chances are, you have a bee infestation. Honey bees often use residential homes to create their hives and go about their day as normal. However, for you, the buzzing quickly becomes annoying, not to mention the damage a hive can cause the home structurally as well as the threat of bee stings. When you find that your home has been taken over by bees, give Your San Diego Beekeeper a call. Our technicians can easily provide bee removal, repairs and proofing service for your home, to ensure your bee problem is gone for good. 

Services Your San Diego Beekeeper Provides in Poway: 

  • Hive and bee removal
  • Repairs to your home after removal of the hive
  • Bee proofing
  • Relocation of the bees to our San Diego County bee farm

Bee Removal Service

When bees infiltrate the home, they must be removed. Bees pose a threat to the structure of the home and can harmful to individuals who are allergic. However, bees need to be removed in a natural way so that they can continue to be of benefit to our environment. With our Poway removal service, we use natural methods to ensure the bees are removed from your home and taken to a new location where they can thrive. 

Bee Repairs

During the removal service, we may find areas of your home that need to be repaired. The hive produces honey which can be damaging to your home depending on the location. We will report any damage to you and are available to make the necessary repairs. Portions of your home may need to be cut in to so that the hive can be removed, so repairs would be needed in this regard as well. 

Bee Proofing

After an infestation has taken place, bee proofing is essential to keep the problem from happening again. With bee proofing, the home is protected from further infestation. Our bee proofing service will seal off entry points and mask any odor of the former hive. Bees have a strong sense of smell and can detect the location of a former hive, setting up their hive in this same location. To avoid future infestations, the sealant we provide needs to be used. 

San Diego Bee Farm

In California, the local farms produce a large portion of the food supply for the United States. Without the help of bee pollination, the number of crops produced would decrease significantly. We rely on bees to ensure enough food is produced for the nation. With our bee farm, the bees we remove from your Poway home are able to continue to pollinate and help produce the crops needed. 

When your Poway home is affected by bees, let Your San Diego Beekeeper help with quality bee removal, repairs, and proofing. Our experts are ready to help free your home of any type of bee infestation.