Del Mar Bee Removal

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Del Mar Bee Removal

While bees are essential to the food production via California farms, they can be a nuisance when they infiltrate residential areas. Bees have been known to set up their hives inside Del Mar homes, which can lead to structural damage and the risk of stings, which can be quite dangerous if someone in your home is allergic to bees. When you find that bees have created a hive in your home, contact Your San Diego Beekeeper for help. 

What Your San Diego Beekeeper Can Provide Your Del Mar Home: 

  • Natural bee removal and the full hive
  • Repairs after removal to restore your home
  • Bee proofing to avoid an infestation in the future
  • Relocation of bees to our San Diego County farm

Del Mar Bee Removal

With Your San Diego Beekeeper removal services, we inspect your home to find the location of the beehive. Once the hive has been located, we create a plan to remove the hive and prepare the bees for transport. This process can take some time, but in the end, your Del Mar home will be free of bees and you can enjoy your full property once again. 

Bee Repairs

The bee removal process can be subject to repair needs depending on the location of the hive as well as the size. At Your San Diego Beekeeper, we have a team of repair experts who can handle the structural issues your home faces due to the removal process or the damage caused by the beehive. We guarantee our repair work and can ensure your home will be in the best condition once our repair service is complete. 

Bee Proofing

Your Del Mar home will also require bee proofing service to ensure bees do not gain entry in the future. Our proofing process includes sealing which closes off entry points and masks the smell of the former hive. This way, other bees are not enticed to try and use your home for their hive in the future. 

Relocating to our San Diego County Bee Farm

At Your San Diego Beekeeper, we have an operating bee farm where we take the bees we remove from your home, so they can continue to thrive in a natural environment. The state of California relies on bees for food production. The farms of the state need the pollination from bees to help create the number of crops to be used for the food supply of the nation. Without the help of bees, the number of crops supplied by the state would decrease, which would lead to a food shortage. 

If you have bees in your home, let our experts provide quality bee removal service, repairs, and proofing. We are ready to serve you and provide a bee-free home!