Escondido Bee Removal Services

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Escondido Bee Removal Services

When bees take up residence in your home, its time to contact the experts. Bees that create hives in the walls of residential properties can cause structural issues in your Escondido home as well as be a health hazard to children and other family members. Instead of using pesticides, rely on our bee removal experts to use natural methods to remove the bees so they can continue to be of benefit to the nation’s food supply. 

What Your San Diego Beekeeper Can Do for Your Escondido Home: 

  • Full Bee Removal without the use of harmful pesticides
  • Repairs to your home after removal
  • Transport of bees to our local farm
  • Bee proofing


Bee Removal Services

Our process of bee removal begins with an evaluation of your Escondido home. After we determine the location of the bees, we begin the removal process. Our technicians are well-versed in bee removal, able to use natural methods to gather the bees to transport them to our bee farm in San Diego County. We remove the bees and the entire home so that you no longer have to deal with the bee infestation. 

Bee Repair Services

In most cases, bee removal service will require some type of repairs. The hive may have caused structural damage that may require repairing or the way we access the hive will cause the need for repair. Depending on the location of the hive, we may have to cut away portions of the exterior or the interior to reach the full hive for removal. If we do this, repair service can be provided to restore your home to its former state. 

Bee Proofing

Once removal and repairs are completed, we can offer bee proofing services. With bee proofing, we use sealant methods to ensure your home is not affected by bees in the future. Bees are insects with a strong sense of smell. If any portion of the hive remains, they can detect the former location. New bees will then take up residence in your home and begin rebuilding the hive. To avoid this, our bee proofing services are necessary. We use a sealant to mask the smell as well as close off any entry points, so bees cannot use your home as their own in the future. 

Our San Diego County Bee Farm

Bees are important to our local environment as they help to pollinate the farms in California. Our state works to provide a large portion of the food supply in the United States. Without the help of bees via pollination, farms in the state would not be able to reach the production numbers needed to provide enough food for the nation. Because we use the natural methods of removal, we help to protect the bees, so they can continue to thrive, working their pollination magic in California. 

If your home is affected by bees, let our qualified bee removal experts provide the necessary services needed to protect your home.

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