Fallbrook Bee Removal

Fallbrook bee removal

Fallbrook Bee Removal

Have bees infiltrated your property? Are you afraid to go outside because you might be stung by a honey bee? If so, contact the experts in bee removal services at Your San Diego Beekeeper. Our team of bee experts can easily remove the bees from your home and ensure that you are not affected by a bee infestation in the future. From removal to repairs and bee proofing, we offer it all for our Fallbrook customers. 

What Your San Diego Beekeeper Can Provide:

  • Environmentally friendly bee removal service
  • Repairs after the hive and bees have been removed
  • Bee proofing to keep bees from coming back to your property
  • Transport of the bees to our local bee farm

Fallbrook Bee Removal Service

It is not uncommon for bees to build a hive inside a home. Bees find the walls of a residential home a great place to create a large hive and protect their queen. When bees access a home and create their hive, the home can be subject to structural damage as well as health hazards to those in the home who may be allergic to bees. To avoid any damage to your health or home, contact our removal experts at Your San Diego Beekeeper. We can provide removal service that includes transporting the bees to a new location and removing all signs of the beehive. 

Bee Repair Service

The removal of the beehive can be quite messy and require repairs to your home once the hive and bees have been removed. The honey can damage the drywall or stucco of a home as well as the fact that we might have to cut away a portion of your home to access the hive. Any damage that your home has after the hive has been removed will be taken care of. Our bee removal experts know how to repair your home so that it will be good as new once the removal service is complete. Our repair work is 100% guaranteed so you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with the results. 

Bee Proofing

When your Fallbrook home is free and clear of bees, we get to work bee proofing the home. This process involves a sealant that blocks the scent of the former hive as well as seals off any entry points that bees might find in the future. This way, you are not subject to a bee infestation in the future. 

Our Bee Farm

When we remove the bees from your home, our beekeepers take them to our bee farm in San Diego County. Here, the bees can thrive and grow, continuing to pollinate the local food crops. Farmers in California rely on bees for pollination so that they can help to provide food for the national food supply. California produces over 50% of the nation’s food and without bees, the amount of food needed would not be reached. With our removal process, we avoid using any pesticides and take the bees to a safe location, so they can continue to be of benefit to the environment. 

If your Fallbrook home is affected by bees, give us a call. We are happy to help by providing bee removal service, repair options, and proofing to see your home free and clear of the buzzing insect.