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Your San Diego Beekeeper

Once you hear a buzzing sound coming from the walls of your home, you most likely have a bee infestation problem. In San Diego, it is not uncommon for bees to find an entry point and use your home to create a hive. When bees are in a home, they can create structural damage due to the size of the hive as well as pose a health hazard to those who are allergic to bee stings. After discovering bees inside your San Diego home, contact Your San Diego Beekeeper for quality removal service. 

What We Can Do for You: 

Bee Removal Service

When bees are in your San Diego home, they must be removed. Instead of using harmful pesticides, we use natural methods. Our state relies on bees to help with pollination and our method of removal ensures bees can continue to thrive and help our local farmers. With our removal service, we transport the bees to our San Diego County farm, where the bees can live happily and be productive. 

Bee Repairs

Repair service is often needed along with removal service as the beehive can be damaging to the San Diego home. We may have to cut away a portion of the home to remove the hive and the bees. Areas of your home may be damaged by the stickiness of the hive and we can assist in those repairs as well. 

Bee Proofing

Once bees have been removed from your home and repairs made, we focus our efforts on bee proofing your home. You do not want to have to deal with bees creating a hive in the future, which makes our bee proofing essential. With this service, we use a special sealant to mask the scent of the hive we have removed as well as close off any entry points. This helps to keep bees from gaining access to your home in the future. 

Our Bee Farm

As mentioned, we have a bee farm that provides a home for bees that we relocate from your San Diego home. We provide this area for bees so that they can continue to pollinate local crops. In the state of California, the crops produced help citizens across the US. Without the bee pollination, the number of crops produced would plummet. Our farm helps the bees to continue to pollinate local farms, so the food supply remains in good standing. 

If bees are found on your property, let our team help you with our quality bee removal service. We work quickly to remove bees from your home, offering repairs and bee proofing as needed.

Give us a call today to see your bee situation resolved.